Mark Up Explained

Please note that is a NETT rate business model. This effectively means that as an agent you can choose to operate with NETT rates and determine yourself what margin you apply to each individual booking OR you can decide how much you want to markup the NETT price from the options in the table below and we will do this for you.

For information purposes only and because markup and commission are not one and the samething, the table below shows for example purposes how much commission is generated by each level in markup. This does not take any VAT into consideration.

If you wish to alter your markup at a later date, then send an email and we will do this for you.



12.5% 11.1%
15% 13.04%
17.5% 14.84%
18.5% 15.00%
20% 16.67%
22.5% 17.44%

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